Ascenttra, the next level of training and preparedness exercises

Planning Meetings Facilitation

Ascenttra provides expert facilitation at planning meetings such as:

  • Concepts and Objectives Meeting - the formal beginning of the planning process held to identify the type, scope, objectives, and purpose of the exercise.
  • Initial Planning Meeting - gathers information to determine exercise scope including input from the exercise planning team; design requirements and conditions; objectives; extent of play; and scenario variables.
  • Mid-Term Planning Meeting - discusses exercise organization and staffing concepts, scenario and timeline development, scheduling, logistics, and administrative requirements as well as reviewing draft documentation
  • Master Scenario Events List Meeting - reviews the scenario timeline and is used with complex, operations-based exercises.
  • Final Planning Meeting - reviews exercise processes and procedures.
  • Training and Exercise Plan Workshops - the developing of a Multi-year Training and Exercise Plan.