Ascenttra, the next level of training and preparedness exercises

Training and Exercises

The Ascenttra team is uniquely qualified to assist with your exercise planning needs. We have provided training, exercise and facilitation services including:

  • NEXS
  • Custom Controller / Evaluator Training
  • Integrated Preparedness Planning Workshop Meetings
  • Hospital Incident Command (HICS) Training
  • Custom Classes tailored to your Jurisdiction's needs
  • Our corporate experience provides real world hands-on training in emergency skills, management, continuity, and more. We have a proven ability to plan, facilitate, and execute large-scale or small-scale practical training evolutions that provide students with an excellent, safe, and rewarding learning environment without unnecessary idle time.

    In addition, we offer a comprehensive training system to make sure that your outcome in an emergency is a successful one. Our proven approach incorporates:

    Incident command direction and control training. This is one of the most important aspects of an emergency response plan, yet it is the one that is ignored by those that are not involved in emergency services. Because they have no real world experience, they cannot know how important it is to have direction and control.

    First Aid, CPR, triage, and AED. Our proven methods taught by real pre-hospital EMTs, Paramedics, and other disaster workers, gives you what you'll need to actually save lives in a disaster using the tools that you'll actually have on hand. Much of the training that you see in these areas are designed for companies with lots of equipment that hasn't been disrupted in a disaster. We will give you training using what you'll find at a real disaster.  We'll show you how to sort patients to provide the greatest good for the greatest number.

    Fire extinguisher training. This valuable training may make it possible to get out of a building when a fire blocks the way. We'll train you with real fires and real extinguishers like you'll use in your office where practical.

    Hazardous materials and terrorism awareness. Let us provide you with the necessary steps to take when encountering hazardous materials and involvement in a terrorism incident. We'll show you how to isolate it, deny entry to it, and prevent additional harm.

    Emergency evacuation. In a real emergency it is a known fact that many people buy priligy have difficulty getting out especially when they are injured. It isn't easy. But using our techniques, we'll show you how to get someone out even if they are inured and even if you have to go down stairs using regular office equipment.

    Disaster planning. We'll provide you with how to pick outside assembly points, when you should shelter in place, and more.

    IT planning. We'll show you to how to get access to your data when you can't be in your building.

    Ascenttra is really the only choice when it comes to bringing everything you'll need to prepare for a disaster together.